I'm Shan Shen, a principal product designer at Custom Ink. I lead the design of experiences that empower communities.

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I collaborate with diverse individuals in the technology sector to drive innovation in telecommunications, retail, and transportation.

This project offers an innovative support experience that utilizes safety automation to efficiently and compassionately address driver issues on the road.

This project offers a new seller experience for 500,000 merchants globally and 40,000 physical store owners. They can now have digital storefronts, connecting with 100 million consumers worldwide.

This project offers a redesigned video conferencing experience aimed at facilitating authentic connections for 1 million monthly active users in large organizations and educational institutions.

This project provides an in-depth view of a design system. It's the first to revolutionize a business established in 1999, with the goal of "connecting the organization." The system accomplishes this through systematic thinking and practices that enhance the delivery of customer value.

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My design process emphasizes research, iteration, and collaboration. I make it a priority to involve customers in every phase of the design, as well as include cross-functional partners to ensure consistent value delivery for both customers and the business.


I utilize mixed method research to promote project discovery and cultivate a research culture in organizations. One method I employ is converting customer interviews into live stream events. With my experience in video conferencing design, this process comes naturally to me.


I value making design decisions based on data.
I am currently learning about Google Analytics, Fullstory, and Optimizely to approach product opportunities, evaluate A/B test results, and monitor behavioral trends from a data analytics perspective.


I am a hybrid designer who leads both product design and design system design.
It's an exciting space where creativity and system thinking come together. Currently, I am focusing on utilizing variables and tokens to scale the design system team.


I facilitate design critiques, conduct evaluative research studies, and organize design reviews with stakeholders to gain strategic buy-ins. Although the product development world moves at a rapid and reactive pace, I test design concepts for every product I design and build.


Snippets from leaders and members I have worked with across design, product, and engineering teams.

“Everyone absolutely loved working with Shan. There were genuine tears (not to mention live musical tributes!) at her farewell. She is a heavy-lifting team player, diligent beyond measure, and deeply collaborative with engineers and product managers.”
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Alexander Cheung

Head of Design @ Tinyhood, Inc.

"Working with Shan to shape these complex B2B user experiences was always a pleasure, thanks to her highly collaborative and encouraging nature. Shan would be an amazing member on any team looking to take on complex, mission-driven problems in the technology space."
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Ruika Lin

Writer • Content Strategist @ Wish

“Beyond Shan's many list of accomplishments in Product and UX design, she always puts the user and their experience on the forefront of every design. She will also take the initiative to run cross functional brainstorm exercises for idea generation and final product requirements.”
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Samantha Speers

Product Manager @ Hinge Health

"The combination of product thinking plus humility is a rare skillset for a strong designer, and Shan is that designer."
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Jan Sundar

Head of Design @ Forma

"She always takes an extra step to ensure that her work and relationships, both personal and professional, positively impact the end-users, her team, her organization, and the overall society."
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Han Ryoo

Product Management @ FreeD Group

"Her well-organized design deliverables made development streamlined. When our client team looked for design guidelines, she immediately took the initiative creating UI kits and a visual guide."
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Adam Van Antwerp

Software Engineer @ BlueJeans By Verizon

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